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Music Discovery from across the globe and across the musical spectrum. Hosted by Derrick Ah Sam. Produced by Plann.B, Baby Bubba, Delia Teșileanu, & Hossien Lavashak. Edited/mastered by Garfield Adams.

Episode 85 - Exclusive premiere from Lost Midas, plus music from Charlotte Dos Santos, Shannon & The Clams, and more! 6/23/17

June 26, 2017

This week, we're so excited to air the exclusive radio premiere of a new Lost Midas track "For Nothing," from his forthcoming album "Undefined" on Tru Thoughts (out June 30th). We also got to chat with him about scoring music for a new Netflix series, taking time off from performing live, and the art of collaboration. We also featured brand new music from Charlotte Dos Santos, Rob Milton, and Shannon & The Clams, plus so much more!

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The Expedition w/ Frank Foreal is produced by Derrick Ah Sam, Michelle Choug, and Frank Foreal.  Thanks to KidGusto for editing this week's episode.

0:00 - Charlotte Dos Santos - Cleo
0:04 - oddCouple - See The Sun
0:07 - Mobb Deep - Shook Ones Pt 2
0:11 - Rob Milton - The Threat
0:15 - Gourmet - Yellow

0:21 - Ladi6 - Outta Time
0:25 - Synead - Tropicao
0:29 - Kero Kero Bonito - Trampoline (Saint Etienne & Shawn Lee Remix)
0:32 - Setenta - Da Manha (DJ Center Rmx)

0:38 - Shannon and the Clams - Mines of Lo
0:42 - The Night Cafe - Felicity
0:45 - Childeren of Zeus - I Can't Wait (Extended Version)
0:49 - Kali Uchis - Tyrant (Feat. Jorja Smith)

0:55 - Lowly - Look at the Sun
0:59 - Lost Midas - Calipatria (Feat. NüTrik)
1:01 - Lost Midas Interview
1:11 - Lost Midas - For Nothing (feat. Rachel Geller) *World Premiere*
1:14 - 1-O.A.K. - Every Day

1:17 - Nilüfer Yanya - Golden Cage
1:21 - Jay Lawrence - Did I Leave Your Mind? (Original Mix)
1:24 - Yannah Valdevit - Misleading Love (James Benedict Rmx)
1:28 - TOUTS - Political People
1:31 - John Andrews & The Yawns - Drivers

1:40 - Dayo - The Mist
1:42 - Trailer Limon - Love Don't Pay The Bills
1:46 - Two Another - Over My Shoulder
1:49 - Toro y Moi - Girl Like You
1:58 - Jacob Ogawa - Up and Away